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The "How to Boost Your Referrals" Guide will show you:

  • How to ask for QUALIFIED referrals
  • How to MOTIVATE your customers to make referrals
  • How to MANAGE your referral program so that it gives you all the leads you want

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Seven Ways to Waste Time, Money and Energy Marketing Your Business (and how to avoid them)

Do you want to:

  • Find more buyers?
  • Increase repeat business?
  • Generate more referrals?
  • Maximize the amount you make from each client, patient or customer?
  • Grow your sales without adding sales staff?

Then you're like many business owners I talk with who want to grow their business while freeing more time to spend on the parts of their business that they love -- or away from their business altogether. However, although they put lots of effort toward this goal, it seems to elude them. Most are suffering from one or more of:

The Seven Marketing Time Wasters

  • Chasing unqualified leads ( leads not ready or able to buy now)
  • Letting go of leads only to find out that they bought from someone else
  • Struggling with a disorganized lead tracking system
  • Taking too long to get back to prospects and clients because they get too busy or simply forget to follow up
  • Letting hard earned leads slip through the cracks
  • Spending too much time educating prospects and not closing deals
  • Holding back on aggressive outreach for fear of becoming overwhelmed with leads

The simple solution to eliminating these problems is to develop a system with eight essential parts:

  1. A strong lead magnet that draws people predisposed to buy toward your business
  2. Lead capture that gets interested prospects to tell you who they are
  3. A qualification sequence that prepares serious prospects to buy and weeds out the tire kickers
  4. An irresistible closing sequence that creates an emotional commitment to buy, then suggests additional purchases
  5. A nurturing sequence that keeps you top-of-mind with those who will buy later
  6. A welcome sequence that builds loyalty with new customers
  7. Repeat purchase offers that sell additional products and services
  8. A referral program that turns customers into advocates

Check yourself

Are you suffering from one or more of the Seven Time Wasters?

Does your business have a system that reliably applies all eight essential parts? Are they automated wherever possible? Are they optimized?

If you haven't eliminated these time wasters or put these essentials in place, we can help you get it done.

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